About Us

Welcome to the About Us section of Alien Recreation Club’s Official Website

Many sections of this website will only be viewable to members of our Private Camping and Recreation Club.

We are a private club and all gatherings are private gatherings. Please apply to be a member if you wish to attend.

Coming soon will be membership materials and membership forms.

In the meantime please contact us by email.

Alien Recreation Club is a private club organized by motivated adults and families who are interested in the nature and learning skills that will make us more complete and well rounded people. We organize in a spirit of learning and acceptance. Many of us have been learning their skills for decades and others are just starting.

Most gatherings will have some sort of instructional context to them. We will usually be doing instruction on Friday and Saturday and group projects on Sundays. Some of our gatherings are more social in nature and that should be noted in their calendar representation.

Some of the topics we will be trying to cover in gatherings over the next 12 months.

  • Tie/Dye Acid Washing Clothes
  • Glass Working
  • Metal Working
  • Desert Survival
  • Lighting A Campfire
  • Gardening in the Desert Environment Off Grid
  • Cooking in the Desert with Limited Tools
  • Building with Super-Adobe

If you are interested in teaching a class or having workshops here please contact us by email.